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Her Perfect Revenge:
A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy

She burns to get even. He longs to clean up his act. Can a fake betrothal fulfill their hearts’ desire?

Christina Matteo is still haunted by the teen prank that sent her to boarding school. Now, a hard-hitting photojournalist, she’s shocked to discover the boy who traumatized her is the sole heir to a billion-dollar corporation. Determined to trail him and dig up some dirt, she crashes into his Ferrari and winds up cutting a deal with the devilishly handsome rogue…

Bill Havenwood is tired of playing the role of rich, spoiled brat. So, when fate slams him into a beautiful girl he assumes is a stranger, he proposes a sham engagement to appease his disappointed father. But while he attempts to turn over a new leaf and claim his inheritance, he never expects to fall for his false fiancée.

Compelled to live in the Havenwood family mansion until their big day, Christina holds tight to her secret and realizes Bill is blissfully unaware of their history. So, when she finally finds the ammo she needs for her revenge, there’s only one problem: she’s gone weak in the knees for the former party boy.

Can Christina and Bill overcome their lies for a bonafide happily-ever-after?

Her Perfect Revenge is an unputdownable romantic comedy. If you like smart heroines, laugh-out-loud moments, and sexy twists and turns, then you’ll adore Anna Mara’s hilarious rollercoaster ride.

Read Her Perfect Revenge to watch a clever scheme transform into love today!


Why Romeo Hates Juliet ebook.jpg

Why Romeo Hates Juliet:
A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy

They had each other's number...until they had each other's back!
From the first moment they meet, when Romeo mistakes the sexy novelist for the dancer his friends have hired for him for the night, the duo clash and an epic war begins! And when Juliet gets the partying bad boy arrested by mistake, things only spiral down from there.
One day, as the battle between them escalates, Juliet accidentally shoots him! When Romeo comes to, to Juliet’s horror, he has amnesia and believes that she is his wife. But does he really? No! He’s just faking it to get his revenge on her and make her his slave.
But how far is Romeo prepared to go, especially when he finds himself falling, head-over-heels, in love with the annoying, infuriating but achingly gorgeous, big bitch next door?
And how far will Juliet take things when she discovers how the handsome bum has been playing her all along? Will she finally admit that she's completely in love with him too? Or will she exact her own brand of secret revenge on the cad first?
WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is a funny, romantic comedy, emotional rollercoaster ride filled with twists & turns and highs & lows, spanning an entire summer at the beach.
NOTE: This is NOT a modern-day version of "Romeo & Juliet".


Sin & Savage ebook.jpg

Sin & Savage:

An Romantic Suspense

He's a brute with a motive. She just wants to help her family. The chase is on.
Tori Jones needs some time to herself. When the small-town schoolteacher learns her grandmother just gave her nest egg to a secret Internet boyfriend in Las Vegas, she puts her relaxation on hold. Within a day, they've entered a world of liars, criminals, and outlaw bikers.

Savage Monroe has a busy weekend plan. As the gruff outlaw biker waits for a shipment of guns, a beautiful, infuriating schoolteacher falls into his lap. The last thing he needs is to play babysitter, but he can't help saying yes to her request for assistance.

When the adventure begins and the chemistry bubbles over, Savage is the one man who can protect Tori from the dangers of Sin City. But who's going to protect her from him?

Sin & Savage is a romantic adventure set in the shadows of Las Vegas. If you like exhilarating action, sassy heroines, and captivating romance, then you'll love Anna Mara's crazy, fast-paced thriller. With the sweetness of Jude Deveraux, the sexual chemistry of Linda Howard, and the raw emotion of Sandra Brown, Sin & Savage is a must-read for any romance lover.

Read the book to start the crime-filled romance today!



Her Perfect Revenge:

My novel HER PERFECT REVENGE: A LAUGH OUT LOUD ROMANTIC COMEDY originally began life as a screenplay before I decided to turn it into a novel. Many of my readers have wanted to read the script, wondering what a movie version of the story would be like. Here it is! This is the novel turned back into about 120 pages of screen time, which amounts to 2 hours of film. Writing a script is always a challenging project because you have to decide which parts of the story to leave in & which to take out but at the same time make sure to keep the integrity of the main storyline intact. I’m happy with the results. I hope you are too. Enjoy!



3 HEA Romantic Comedy Book Box Set

My Three Full-Length, Standalone Novels… Together In One Boxed Set
BOOK #1 - Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy (484 Pages)
BOOK #2 - Why Romeo Hates Juliet: A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy (501 Pages)
BOOK #3 - Sin & Savage: A Las Vegas Romance (422 Pages)



Murder In Nettleton Top:
A Cozy Small Town Amateur Sleuth Mystery
(Mrs. Pidgeon Cozy Mysteries Book One)

A toy baron on everyone's hate list. Can a classy senior solve a murder that's anything but fun and games?

Ontario, Canada. The unflappable Mrs. Nettie Pidgeon deftly handles any situation. So when party planning for the town’s wealthiest resident turns into a china-shattering squabble, she quickly steps in to diffuse tempers and keep the peace. But her sincere belief in law and order doesn’t stop the birthday bash from becoming a crime scene when the universally loathed businessman takes a fatal blow to the head.

Brimming with a need to see justice done, Mrs. Pidgeon ever-so-politely dives into guests’ interviews only to discover all present had a motive. And after partygoers and family alike claim to have not heard or seen a thing, the whip-smart amateur sleuth fears the cops will throw an innocent person behind bars.

Can she collect the right clues before a killer proves to be the better opponent?

Murder In Nettleton Top is the entertaining first book in the Mrs. Pidgeon Cozy Mysteries series. If you like brilliant heroines, challenging puzzles, and small-town backdrops, then you'll love bestselling author Anna Mara's perfectly polite page-turner.

Read Murder In Nettleton Top to RSVP for a murderously good time today!



Murder at Fowl Ranch:
A Cozy Small Town Amateur Sleuth Mystery
(Mrs. Pidgeon Cozy Mysteries Book Two)


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