About Me

I’ve been writing for a few years now, having studied screenwriting at a well known film school in Canada. I’ve always loved creating romantic comedy stories and wanting to try my hand at penning a novel, I decided to turn one of my screenplays into a book. HER PERFECT REVENGE was born and I discovered that I loved that format of writing even more than writing for film.

I’ve always been a true lover of romance novels, having read so many over the years and with my first book, I really wanted to write something that I’d want to read myself, hoping that my readers would feel the same way. I’m a hopeless romantic and believe in happy endings; and when I write, I always try to write from my heart, hoping to bring love, joy, laughter, excitement and sometimes a few tears to my fans.

HER PERFECT REVENGE has also been released as a Japanese manga novel by Ohzora Publishing.  Illustrations were done by artist Hiromi Kobayashi.

WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is my second contemporary, romantic comedy novel.

SIN & SAVAGE is my third novel but this one is a little bit different.  It’s a romantic suspense adventure story. 

Hope you have fun reading my stories!

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